Established in 2010, formerly known as CV INDOTECH TRIMITRA MANDIRI. Transformed to PT INDOTECH TRIMITRA ABADI in 2016 with the main business line selling Cutting Tools, Tooling Systems, Machinery, and Machine Equipment & Accessories.

Starting in early 2016 till today, PT INDOTECH TRIMITRA ABADI became a holding of INDOTECH GROUP company and currently have 6 (Six) companies with each different business field by prioritizing the service and best solutions for customers to increase productivity, quality, and work efficiency by offering the latest products and technology.

PT INDOTECH TRMITRA ABADI and the group companies are selling and providing products and services to enormous segments of industrial and non-industrial clients such as:

Automotive, Agricultural Machinery, Energy & Power Plant, Garment & Textile, Mold & Die Maker, Food & Beverages, Steel Mills & Foundry, Electrical, Railways, Oil & Gas, Mining Industry Heavy Industry, Fabrication, Special Purpose Machine, Medical, Furniture, Marine & Shipyard, Aerospace, General Machining, Plastic & Aluminium Wares, Education Institution, Government Services, Association, Indonesian Ministry, Etc.

With our enormous range of high-end domestically, abroad and our developed products such as:

  • Cutting tools, tooling system, machinery, machine equipment & accessories
  • Indonesian premium coffee roaster machine (Pratter) and particular purposes coffee processing machinery
  • Abrasives consumables, steel material, safety equipment
  • CAD / CAM software and general industrial tools and equipment (Hoffmann Group)
  • Services: Engineering, mechanical, electrical, maintenance, and factory set-up
  • Precision machining, fabrication, and stamping-line
  • Coating service and technology (Teflon, ceramic, etc.)

We continuously strive to provide the best solutions to all of our client’s needs, provide positive value to all clients and provide the best after-sales service for all of them.

PT INDOTECH TRIMITRA ABADI is full-filled of qualified human resources of many expertises. We continue to educate good behavior and improve capabilities for all human resources. Continuing to develop the latest, effective, and solution systems and continuing to strive to build the quality of human resources as our main strength, we are very confident that we will continue to grow and will be able to overcome all obstacles.

PT INDOTECH TRIMITRA ABADI also takes a role in government projects incorporated as a provider in E-Katalog LKPP. Also, INDOTECH GROUP is active and became one of the assisted industries of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia and supports the government’s program on “Vocational and Industry Synergy” about Teaching Factory (TEFA), Link and Super Match, and Internship. Create product collaboration and provide any needs and work practice equipment for vocational education.

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There are no people who can do everything alone without other’s people help. For example, a salesperson from a company shouldn’t be arrogant because of their achievement in getting many orders. Behind them, there are many people involved. Such as the Accounting and Finance Team, Support Team, Delivery and Logistics. Good cooperation within a team and each member playing their role will result in better work. PT INDOTECH TRIMITRA ABADI remains and has always been a home for every work that is beneficial to many people and continues to be a channel of grace, blessing and life for all the family and the surrounding environment.


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Company Profile

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