WJX Series Mitsubishi – Double-Sided Insert Type, High Feed Radius Milling Cutter

VPX Series Mitsubishi Diaedge
Brand: Mitsubishi (Diaedge)
Tipe: Indexable Insert
Double-Sided Insert Type, High Feed Radius Milling Cutter. Sharpness with Stability for High Efficiency Machining

Product Description

Provides excellent sharpness and tool life as well as reducing cutting noise.
The WJX series was developed for reliability and economy even during high efficiency machining.

Unconventional Cutting Edge Design for Stable Milling

The dovetail structure prevents the insert from floating and gives stable clamping without using a clamp bridge.Complex

Shape Flank Face Suitable for Ramping

The flank shape combines the strength and economy of negative inserts, with the sharpness and multifunctionality of positive inserts.

Different Types of Milling Cover a Wide Variety of Situations

  1. Ramping
  2. Shoulder Milling
  3. Pocket Milling
  4. Helical Milling
  5. Face Milling

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