Dividing / Indexing Head – Vertex

Dividing / Indexing Head Vertex Aksesoris Untuk Mesin Milling CNC dan Manual:
Membantu Clamping Benda Kerja Dengan Dividing Head/Kepala Pembagi

Merk: Vertex
Tipe: Indexing Head
  • Semi Universal Dividing Head
  • Universal Dividing Head
  • Super Indexing Spacer
  • Simple Indexing Spacer

Product Description

Dividing / Indexing Head – Vertex

1. Dividing Head can divide in any angle by the direct, in-direct, or different methods. The ratio between the warm and the warm gear is 40:1.

2. Hardened and ground spindle is rigidly held in a taper roller bearing. Worm is hardened and ground also.

3. The swivel head can be locked of any angle from 10˚ below horizontal to 90˚ vertical-precision fitting to base assures smooth rotation.

4. All models have threaded spindle nose and 24 hole dividing plate with easy conversion to fast direct indexing on numbers 2,3,4,6,8,12, and 24.

5. Easy indexing of al numbers from 2 to 50 and many numbers from 52 of 380. Model BS-2 is also equipped for different indexing for all numbers from 2 to 380, and for spiral cutting.

6. Accurate precision, little backlash, fine appearance and strong structure so can assure smooth rotation.

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