MC Power Vise / Ragum Mesin Milling – Vertex

Power Vise – Vertex
Aksesoris Mesin Milling digunakan untuk Clamp/mencekam Benda Kerja.

Merk: Vertex
  • MC Power Vise
  • MC Power Vise Hydraulic Type

Product Description

MC Power Hydraulic Vise / Ragum Mesin Milling – Vertex


  1. Compact design. Great clamping capacity & rigid. Light & smooth operation.
  2. Constructed for milling, drilling, machining center, grinding and many other machine shop applications.
  3. Concealed spindle for protection against chips and dirt.
  4. Hydro-booster system for maximum clamping pressure with minimum force.
  5. Quick of clamping & locking and easy of operation.
  6. Accuracy within 0.01/100mm.
  7. Hydro-booster system is guaranteed for using 2 years limited.
  8. The hydraulic oil number is 68#
  9. Hydro line – one scale indicate about 1/3 of the max. clamp force.

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