WSX445 Face Mill – Mitsubishi Diaedge

Mitsubishi Diaedge WSX445 Face Mill Indexable
Brand: Mitsubishi (Diaedge)
Tipe: Indexable Insert
General Purpose
Face Mill Double Sided
Low Cutting Resistance
Through Coolant Holes
Unique Geometry Double Z Index Insert

Product Description

  • Low cutting resistance, double sided insert face mill for general machining
  • Unique geometry minimizes chatter and vibration!
  • Feature : New face milling cutter with innovative double sided insert. Perfect balance between high efficiency and ease of use.
  • Cutting Resistance: WSX445’s low cutting resistance equals that of single sided insert cutters. The low axial and radial forces reduce vibrations to a minimum.
  • Chips Discharge Effect: Chips are discharged outwardly because of the negative/positive edge design. This helps prevent jamming of continuous chips also damage to the coolant holes.
  • Abrasive Damage for Chips
  • Breaker System


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